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Ad Design & Landing Page Conversion Optimization


Project Overview 

Facebook ads and landing page design for Rentec Direct, a highly rated and easy to use property management software.

Tools used: Unbounce, Sketch, Photoshop



  • Overall visual and UX design of the ads and landing pages

  • Design and implementation of the ads in Facebook Creative Hub and landing pages in Unbounce

  • Ongoing A/B testing and introduction of new variants against the winning pages


To convert property managers and landlords into new customers for Rentec Direct.


The target audience was property managers and landlords who were interested in Rentec Direct, but had yet to sign up for the service. Rentec Direct was not using Facebook Ads at the time, and had failed to get customers from Facebook in the past from their own campaigns.

Along with a Facebook Ads expert, we created a campaign centered on increasing conversions from Facebook by designing and testing different ad creative and custom landing pages.

Facebook Ads


Multi-Step Landing Page

A multi-step form can improve conversion rates and the quality of your leads. The form asks for information like name, and email in a few different steps instead of just one. The idea is that once you get them to start filling out the form they are more likely to complete it. 



Within 3 months, and several iteration of ad creative and landing pages, using a minimal amount of ad spend, we were able to drive over $23,000 in incremental sales.